Since their inception a couple of decades ago, the genre of escape room games has taken the world by storm. Moving on from the early beginnings where individuals and teams played in single rooms, escape room games today have become big business, as many corporations and businesses recognize that they can be instrumental in team building. In fact, it's this factor that has helped companies with such elements as logical thinking and memorization. So, though the escape room has proved popular with individuals and teams in their leisure time, it's also serving as a great means of allowing coworkers to bond and thereby improve a company's success metrics.. 

Here at we run a large number of escape room games all over the world.  In researching other escape room businesses, we have come across some amazing games.  So rather than blow our own trumpet, we thought we would highlight some of the other amazing games available from some great escape room companies.


The escape room game “Sherlocked” can be found in the Netherlands in two different locations. The game itself possesses an almost cinematic experience that takes place in the basement of an old Amsterdam location. The first game is called “The Architect” and it's a mystery room with a regular 60-minute time limit. But it's when we get to the other game, called “The Vault” that things become a lot more intriguing. You'll have 90 minutes and  rather than the traditional roles which the players take, here you are the “bad guys.” You’ll play the role of thieves who are attempting to break open a 90-year-old safe and steal a mystery object from within. Although the game is filled with puzzles and riddles, it also features an actor and focuses equally on the players having an exciting adventure. The Vault game is without doubt very challenging, and it actually won a Golden Lock-in Award, as one of the best escape room games in the world.

The Escape Game

The Escape Game is the name of a franchise which you can find in five different US states.  These are probably best known for their very high level of technical props, as well as allowing for an incredibly immersive experience. Many escape room games will rely on traditional four-digit codes to open locks. But the Escape Game franchise utilises new, exciting and unique puzzles that break out of the typical escape room genre. The games are pretty traditional in themselves, in that you are locked in a room and have the regular 60 minutes to escape. There is a pecking order of difficulty with these rooms, with some themed as prisons, spaceships and playgrounds. 

In the “Prison Break” game, the player must escape from a cell that they've been imprisoned in. If they fail they will suffer the same fate as the cell's previous occupants, who disappeared without trace. There’s a new room called “Spec Ops” which has proved incredibly popular and has great feedback on social media. It comes with an 82” digital touchscreen map, along with an in-game elevator and many great low-tech puzzles that you can solve with your senses, including smell, as you play the part of a secret agent.


Escapology is a very large escape room franchise which boasts of over 40 different locations around the world. What's great about all Escapology rooms is that you are guaranteed a private room, even if you just pay for two tickets. For example, the “Budapest Express” is located in New Jersey and offers a thrilling experience. What's interesting is that you're on a train and it really feels as though it's moving, as you can see the landscape snow and cars whizzing by the windows. The sounds and the movement really make you believe that you are on a real train. 

The Budapest Express creates a type of Agatha Christie “Murder on The Orient Express” scenario. There's a muder on the train and the players need to follow the clues to catch the murderer. In many ways playing this game feels like a mixture of playing a real life game with Clue along with a traditional escape room game. The players act out as detectives who are tasked with collecting evidence in order to solve the murder. The train will stop in exactly 60 minutes and if you haven't managed to find the culprit, then he/she will simply get off the train and make their escape.

Palace Games

Palace games can be found in California. The slick is that the games are longer and pricier than most others in the marketplace. But they have found the perfect mix of crafting fiction and history together to create an educational, fun, but nevertheless fully immersive game.  One of the rooms is called the “Great Houdini Escape Room” and it was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Palace of Fine Arts. Here the players will have 80 minutes to solve many of Houdini's puzzles which he invented to challenge eight different historical innovators, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Helen Keller.

The Basement

Just from the name you can probably guess that The Basement is a horror-themed escape room which is designed to shock audiences. The room possesses an almost cinematic feel to it as if it's come straight off the set of a Hollywood horror/slasher film. The narrative is that the players have been kidnapped and being held captive by a cannibal called Edward R. Tandy. You need to have your wits about you as you will have just 45 minutes to escape before he comes back looking for dinner. There are a total of four rooms to get through in order to make your escape from Tandy. Within some of the rooms you'll also find actors. We should point out that the success rate of this incredibly difficult escape room is just 12.5%. 

What's great about the basement is that, not only are the games super immersive, but also they provide a fantastic interactive experience along with intricate puzzles. The rooms are as immersive as if you were playing a real-life video horror game.